We operate 75 stores in 40 cities across Mexico. We’re working to expand the use of more sustainable cotton, improve supplier performance, reduce our environmental impacts and engage and inspire employees and customers on sustainability issues. 

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Sustainable Products

  • Alongside Europe and Brazil, C&A Mexico will bring the revolutionary Gold level Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedTM T-shirts to market. The T-shirts will be launched in-store in Brazil and Mexico in September.
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  • It has taken Mexico longer than our other regions to implement our sustainable cotton goal because of the relatively low uptake of BCI cotton in our supply chain in Mexico.  We are concentrating on introducing our supply chain to BCI to enable the acceleration of our progress, as we have done in other regions.
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Sustainable Supply

  • Over 60% of C&A Mexico’s suppliers are based in Mexico, and we share the others with C&A Europe. In 2016, we worked with 165 domestic production units to implement the global Sustainable Supply Chain programme guidelines and audit process, in line with C&A’s Global Code of Conduct.
  • We are also working to eliminate harmful chemicals from our supply chain in line with our membership of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation — one of our global commitments for 2020. We are one of the only international brands implementing a Sustainable Chemicals Management approach in Mexico. We are working with third parties to strengthen the level of auditing, technical expertise and lab capabilities for wastewater testing to improve our performance by the end of 2017.
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Sustainable Lives

  • We strengthened our consumer survey scores in Mexico.
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  • Of 349 employees in Mexico participating in our annual employee survey, 88% of them said they were proud of our contribution to communities and the environment.
  • On Mother’s Day 2016, our stores in Mexico City raised $332,292 MXN [in Euros] through the sale of T-shirts, which C&A matched with our own donation. The money went to C&A Foundation and Save the Children. A Christmas campaign sold over 25,000 items and made over €18,000 to equip schools in Mérida to build child-friendly spaces in case of a natural disaster.
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  • In Yucatan, Mexico, children from schools took part in a drawing competition. Designs from the winners were printed on shoes to raise money for Save the Children.
  • And our flagship employee engagement campaign Inspiring Women ran in Mexico for the second time. 2,754 employees took part in Mexico, a total of 64% of our workforce.
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