Making Sustainable Fashion the New Normal Global Sustainability Report 2016

At C&A, we believe everyone should be able to look and feel good every day, without compromising the quality of life of those who make our clothes, or the planet we source from. We want our customers to trust us to do the right thing, so they can buy our products without having to choose between what’s sustainable and what’s not.


More sustainable cotton


We are the world's largest buyer of organic cotton. 53% of the cotton we source is certified organic or Better Cotton - taking us closer to our 2020 goal of 100%

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Increased transparency


We have publicly disclosed our tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers’ factories worldwide. 61% of the workers in our supply chain work in top-rated factories

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Towards circular fashion


We have launched the world’s first affordable T-shirt in the fashion industry achieving the GOLD level Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedTM standard

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Fewer natural resources


Through our sourcing of more sustainable cotton we were able to reduce water consumption by 46% when compared with conventional cotton

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Inspiring Women


78% of C&A employees from Brazil, Mexico and our sourcing countries participated in our Inspiring Women campaign to promote gender equality

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Towards a new normal


We are working towards a vision of the new normal – where sustainability is just another word for normal. To achieve our vision of fashion with a positive impact, our sustainability work is focused on the areas that are most relevant to our business and where we can have the biggest impact – our products, our supply chain and people’s lives.


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Sustainable Products


Made with materials that are increasingly more sustainable – pioneering circular fashion, where clothing is designed and made with its next use in mind.


Sustainable Supply


Moving towards clothing made with fewer and safer chemicals, renewable energy, clean water and safe and fair working conditions.


Sustainable Lives


Making a positive impact on the communities we serve, work with and source from




Caring for generations


C&A is one of the most enduring and pioneering retailers in global apparel. We provide quality and affordable clothing to 2 million customers every day. With nearly 60,000 employees worldwide and more than 1 million workers in our supply chain, we recognise our influence and the responsibility we have to use it positively.


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