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People are the key to C&A's success. Our colleagues are the ones who create the special relationship with our customer. We need to understand what makes employees feel valued and motivated, so that our colleagues can play their part in creating great customer experiences and engaging them in the issues that move them.

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We know that sustainability is a key driver of employee engagement: in 2016, this was one of the top five reasons for organisations to invest in their sustainability programmes [SOURCE: BSR/Globescan – State of Sustainable Business 2016]. Many employees – especially those from younger generations – want to feel a sense of purpose from their work. 

Inspiring Women

Listening to our employees

Equality and Diversity

Learning and Development

Our 2016 actions

Continue to roll out C&A Code of Ethics across our global retail markets.

Ask employees to rate C&A on our contribution to community, society and the environment via the employee engagement survey.

Our 2016 performance

Employee engagement remains high

We have a high overall engagement score for employees across Europe and Brazil. 23,551 employees from Europe, a sample of 4,356 from Brazil and 349 from Mexico took part in the annual employee survey in 2016. 85% of European employees, 93% of Brazilian employees and 88% of Mexican employees feel proud of C&A’s contribution to community, society and the environment.

Learning and development programmes
In Brazil, a newly translated ‘Love for Fashion’ documentary was released. Europe focused on featuring BIO Cotton in new window displays and more than 28,000 employees were given an inspirational engagement handbook. And 1,466 employees in China are using the instant messaging app WeChat to hear about organic cotton and the C&A China Sustainability Commitment.

Inspiring Women
78% participation rate among C&A employees in countries taking part in the event (a total of 15,835 employees), up from 52% in the same countries in 2015.

Who we’re working with 

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Engaging employees to make sustainability the norm

We want employees to be empowered and motivated to build sustainable practices into their day-to-day roles. We believe in bringing out the best in us all, so that together, we can bring out the best in our customers, their families and their local communities. Globally, around 80% of employees [SOURCE: 2013 Globescan Radar] in multi-national businesses agree: the more socially responsible their company becomes, the more motivated and loyal they are as an employee. We want to make the most of this opportunity by engaging our employees further through our sustainability initiatives, giving back and assisting in our work on strengthening communities.

Investing in employees’ learning and development – in sustainability and beyond – is also a business priority. Motivated and well-trained staff are better able to serve our customers and inspire them to act more sustainably, every day.

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