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Our global engagement survey is an opportunity for our colleagues to tell us how they are feeling and share their thoughts on C&A's values, our strategy, our approach to sustainability and how we’re doing as an employer. 

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Our 2016 performance

Global engagement survey

In 2015, we found out that across C&A’s regions, employees know the company values sustainability – and that they care about those issues, too. In February 2016, over 23,000 employees across Europe were asked whether they were proud of C&A’s contribution to the community, society and environment. We also included a sample of 4,356 in Brazil and 349 in Mexico, before we roll out fully out next year. The results were clear: sustainability remains a driving force for engagement across C&A.

In Europe, the survey was available to all 33,000 colleagues in 16 languages, both on paper and online. It was administered by an independent third-party firm to ensure anonymity and data confidentiality. 

Number of Employees working at C&A

Proud of our sustainability work

A high percentage of employees agreed with the statement ‘I feel proud of C&A’s contribution on the community, society and environment’:

  • 85% in Europe.
  • 93% in Brazil.
  • 88% in Mexico.

Regional highlights

In Brazil, our survey partner Hay Group placed C&A in their P90 group of companies following our high employee engagement scores on sustainability – meaning that we are ranked in the top 10% of companies in the country on this issue.

In Europe, our employee survey data shows that being an ambassador of C&A’s sustainability work is a driver of overall engagement. But our employees identify the need to communicate our work more strongly to customers:

“C&A is a good employer and provides good work opportunities, taking care of sustainability and environmental issues.”

“We should continue to develop sustainable development and all our sustainable initiatives. But we should learn to better communicate about it to our customers.”

“This is something we lead in and should tell our customer. We CARE and we need to voice it more. We want to be our customers’ best friend but are whispering to them from across the room – we need to sit down with them and have a chat.”



Where next?

Surveying all of our regions

We want all our employees to understand the vision and purpose behind C&A’s sustainability strategy. We will carry out the survey across China and the whole of Brazil and Mexico in 2017.

Moving from pride to action

We’re pleased with our employee engagement scores on sustainability, which show we are reaching out to our colleagues on this topic. But in the next few years we need to move from employee pride in our commitments to clear action on them, helping our colleagues to act as ambassadors for sustainability and deliver our 2020 goals.

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