Strengthening communities Making a positive impact on the communities we touch

Many of the countries C&A sources from are disproportionately affected by environmental or social issues, ranging from poverty and extreme gender inequality, to natural disasters and disease. All of these issues adversely affect communities we source from, and where C&A employees live. 

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To truly strengthen the most vulnerable communities, we have to get to the root cause of these complex challenges. We work in partnership with C&A Foundation to address these challenges, and try to bring people on the journey with us. We run volunteer programmes that support local charities and seek to change perceptions and drive societal change. We also support Save the Children in a global partnership to support people in emergency due to natural disasters. Together, we're giving back to communities – helping to make them more resilient, so that they can thrive.

 “Inspiring Women plants the seed that helps inspire men and women to take action on women’s issues. Once they’re aware, they act and raise their children differently and then we have cultural change. Little by little and year by year, we are showing that we all deserve the same respect.”

Valter Teixeira, C&A Brazil

Giving back and Volunteering

Disaster Relief

Our 2016 actions

Continue our partnership with Save the Children.

Our 2016 performance

Disaster relief

Through our Disaster Risk Reduction programme with Save the Children, we're helping communities be more prepared for when the worst happens. In 2016, our customers donated over €500,000 to help refugees across Europe. In Mexico, a similar project raised over €18,000 to equip schools in Mérida to build child-friendly spaces in case of natural disasters.

Store giving

In 2016/17, C&A Foundation funded 488 store giving initiatives in 18 European countries, totalling almost €3 million (out of a total budget of €55.5 million). The recipients of the money were chosen by our employees, via our store giving programme. 

Regional highlights

We are a global company made up of four different regions. Our localised approach empowers each region to act in ways and on the issues that matter most to them. This means our employees are involved with product campaigns and programmes that are pertinent in their local market and important to them as individuals, driving deeper engagement.  

Who we’re working with


Inspiring Women: C&A Foundation, Save the Children, Red Cross, Plan International, China Women’s Development Fund


C&A Foundation, Save the Children, Le Petit Prince, Rare/For the Planet, GlobeScan, UniEthos and Inter-American Development Bank (capacity building programme for suppliers), ABVTEX, IDV, Abit, WWF China, China Chain store and Fashion Association
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