Governing sustainability Accountability drives performance

We use our global reach to drive positive impacts for our employees, our supply chains and our customers. Our governance structure centralises decision-making, while enabling our local markets to customise their programmes to better address local issues and audiences. 

Sustainability teams

Around 135 full-time employees work in sustainability across C&A. Our Global Sustainability team, led by our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and based in Europe, sets the direction for our global sustainability strategy. A network of regional sustainability leaders and team members work to embed sustainability within each market. Each region is equipped with a Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) team that works operationally for the business and is led strategically by the CSO. The regional SSC teams manage the day-to-day implementation of our Supplier Code of Conduct, Supplier Ownership Programmes and Sustainable Chemicals Management programmes in each region.

Global Sustainability Board

Sound governance helps us operate transparently and with accountability. The Global Sustainability Board (GSB), led by Chair of the Global Sustainability Board and C&A Foundation Board, drives our decision-making process and accountability across our retail markets. The GSB includes regional CEOs and other global functions who have responsibilities for making key global decisions. The Board sets policy and strategy while monitoring and managing accountability of our performance towards the 2020 sustainability goals.

Our company has a well-organised and streamlined business planning and decision-making process, where sustainability is integrated and embedded. Our Global Sustainability team collaborates with each of our regional teams to develop plans with annual milestones and associated KPIs that will help us progress towards our 2020 targets. Each regional business and the GSB sign off on these action plans each year and include sustainability objectives in their annual bonus compensation.