Our Suppliers' Factory List Continuously increasing transparency in our supply chain

Our relationships with our suppliers have been built over many years. Building on the trust developed over this time, our suppliers must deliver the highest quality products, produced in a way that is in line with our environmental and labour standards. Transparency leads to accountability: we are focused on managing the human rights conditions in our supply chain to ensure they are upheld and continually improved. We disclose the location of our global suppliers' tier-1 and tier-2 factories, in accordance with our commitment to the Transparency Pledge.


Our objective of disclosing our suppliers' factories is threefold:

  1. Be completely transparent about where our products are made, so our customers and stakeholders can feel confident we’re making good choices.
  2. Improve worker rights and increase worker voice within our suppliers' factories.
  3. Provide a channel so that we can be alerted when issues are observed in our suppliers' factories and take immediate corrective action.

Our public disclosure on our suppliers’ production units covers 100% of our tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers’ factories (and number of our tier-3 vertically integrated production units that include spinning, fabric production and dyeing) for all markets, globally.  We update this list every two months to ensure that the information provided is up to date and relevant to our stakeholders.

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How we define our supply chain tiers

Tier 1 - Cut and sew production units
Tier 2 - Printing, laundries, and embroidery
Tier 3 - Fabric mills, spinning mills, and dye houses

For more information regarding this human rights and environmental issues related to C&A's supply chain, please contact Aleix Gonzalez Busquets via email at aleixgb(at)canda.com or Jeffrey Hogue at jeffrey.hogue(at)canda.com.



Interactive global suppliers´ factory locations



The following list provides the locations and names of all our first-tier suppliers and a number of our most important second-tier suppliers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina



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Name Address Country Product Category No of Workers Tier

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