Enabling customers Looking good, feeling good, doing good

Over 3.5 million customers shop with us each day. They trust us to live by our values. We believe they shouldn't have to choose between looking good, feeling good and doing good. They deserve great clothes that have been sourced and made in a way that respects people, the environment and animals, and at no extra cost. No decision or trade-off should be necessary.


As issues such as climate change and worker safety become more tangible, they have become more important to our customers. For many years, we have acted on their behalf to make our clothes responsibly and source our materials sustainably. 67% of the cotton we use is organic cotton or sourced as Better Cotton, and we offer groundbreaking products such as our GOLD level Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedTM T-shirt. 

In 2018, we reached a key milestone in our sustainability journey with the launch of #WearTheChange, our first global, multi-channel sustainability communications campaign, in Europe, Brazil and China. The campaign will be launched in Mexico later in 2018, bringing sustainability to life for many more of our customers around the world.

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Listening to our customers

Communicating with customers

Taking action in-store together

Our 2017 actions

Launch global communications campaigns across multiple channels.


Conduct a third costumer research survey to measure our progress on enabling customers to become more sustainable. 

Our 2017 performance

Customer survey

In 2017, we surveyed over 6,000 customers in partnership with GlobeScan, for the third year running. In unprompted responses, C&A was recognised as the most sustainable retail fashion brand in Brazil and the Netherlands, for the third year running in both countries. We also maintained a strong position in Germany.

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Organic cotton

Our 2017 customer survey showed that perceptions of C&A’s performance on sustainability continued to improve, with customers in France, Germany and Netherlands citing C&A’s commitment to organic cotton as a core reason for its sustainability leadership.

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In 2018, we launched #WearTheChange, our first global, multi-channel sustainability communications campaign. The campaign was launched in Europe in February 2018, across in-store, online and print touchpoints, and rolled out to Brazil and China in April, with light-touch adaptations for each market. All products advertised under #WearTheChange are produced and sourced in a way that is more sustainable than conventional methods: for example, made of organic cotton or Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedTM. We plan to launch #WearTheChange in Mexico later in 2018.

Who we’re working with

Enabling our customers to make sustainability the norm

Our passion for our customers underpins all that we do, and we care deeply about what is important to them. We work hard on their behalf to create clothing that respects people, the environment and animal welfare, and we actively listen to our customers to understand their concerns and address their priorities.

We ask ourselves these important questions every day:

  • Have we done everything to create and produce our product in the most sustainable way and ensure durable quality?
  • Are we doing all we can to be open and honest about our business practices?
  • Are we building a responsible and transparent supply chain and leaving a positive impact?
  • Are we creating more sustainable lives for our customers, our employees and our partners all over the world?
  • Are we challenging ourselves to find better, more sustainable solutions? 

With initiatives such as the rollout of our GOLD level Cradle-to- Cradle CertifiedTM T-shirts globally and the launch of our #WearTheChange campaign, we are working to address our customers’ concerns for the future. By offering more sustainable products to our customers, and showing what’s possible through innovative affordable everyday fashion, we’re helping make sustainable fashion the new normal.