Engaging employees Driving purpose through sustainability

We believe motivated and engaged employees are the key to C&A's success. Our store staff are the ones who create special relationships with our customers. We need to understand what makes employees feel valued and motivated, so that they can play their part in creating great customer experiences and engaging them in the issues that move them. 

We know that sustainability is a key driver of employee engagement: in 2017, this was one of the top five reasons for organisations to invest in their sustainability programmes [SOURCE: BSR/GlobeScan]. Many employees – especially those from younger generations – want to feel a sense of purpose from their work. 

Inspiring Women

Listening to our employees

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Learning and Development

Our 2017 actions

Continue to roll out C&A Employee Code of Ethics across our global retail markets.

Ask employees to rate C&A on our contribution on the community, society and environment via the employee engagement survey.

Engage employees worldwide through the inspiring Woman campaign.

Our 2017 performance

Employee engagement remains high

  • In 2017, our employee engagement survey was extended to 1,027 employees in C&A Mexico, our largest sample size to date in this region. Within C&A Mexico’s corporate office, employee engagement increased from 88% to 92% between 2016 and 2017. 92% of employees said they felt proud of C&A’s contribution on the community, society and environment.
  • In Brazil, we ran a full survey covering all employees for the first time, covering 11,564 participants. 87% of employees said they felt proud of C&A’s contribution on the community, society and environment.
  • In China, the 2017 employee engagement survey included two questions on sustainability, aligned with the questions asked in Brazil. 87% of employees said they felt proud of C&A’s contribution on the community, society and environment.
  • In Europe, we carried out a Pulse check instead of an annual employee engagement survey in 2017. The Pulse topics were very focused and did not include sustainability-related questions.

Inspiring Women

In 2017, a total of 13,920 employees across Europe and China took part in the Inspiring Women event. Some countries achieved an outstanding engagement rate of above 80%. After the event, we saw a significant increase in employee awareness of charities helping women as well as a greater proportion of employees agreeing that C&A operates in a socially responsible manner.

Who we’re working with

C&A Foundation

Engaging employees to make sustainability the norm

We want employees to be empowered and motivated to build sustainable practices into their day-to-day roles. We believe in bringing out the best in us all, so that together we can bring out the best in our customers, their families and their local communities. Globally, around 82% of employees [SOURCE: GlobeScan Radar 2016] in large companies agree: the more socially responsible their company becomes, the more motivated and loyal they are as an employee. We want to make the most of this opportunity by engaging our employees further through our sustainability initiatives, giving back and assisting in our work on strengthening communities.