Listening to our employees Open, honest feedback about how we’re doing

Our regional employee engagement surveys are an opportunity for our colleagues to tell us how they are feeling and share their thoughts on C&A's values, our strategy, our approach to sustainability and how we’re doing as an employer. In 2017, we surveyed employees in Brazil, China and Mexico. Our quarterly engagement surveys in Europe focused on areas other than sustainability, but we hope to include this in future surveys.

Number of employees working at C&A

Our 2017 performance

Employees are proud of our sustainability work

A high proportion of employees agreed with the statement ‘I feel proud of C&A’s contribution on the community, society and environment’: 87% in Brazil and China, and 92% in Mexico. In 2016, when this question was last asked of employees in Europe, 85% said they were proud of C&A’s contribution.

Regional highlights

  • In Brazil, our survey partner Hay Group placed C&A in their P75 group of companies following our high employee engagement scores on sustainability – meaning that we are ranked in the top 25% of companies in Brazil on this issue.
  • Our engagement survey in China focused on employee pride in C&A’s contribution and on employees being able to relate sustainability practices to their job. 79% of survey respondents strongly agreed with the statement “I understand how sustainability practices are related to my job.”
  • In Mexico, employees receive regular updates on C&A’s role in sustainability and how they can play their part in realising our vision.

Where next?

Moving from pride to action

We’re pleased with our employee engagement scores on sustainability, which show we are connecting with our colleagues on this topic. But from 2018 onwards we will build on the strong employee pride in our commitments, training our colleagues to act as ambassadors for sustainability and deliver on our 2020 goals. Our Inspiring World campaign will form a core part of this new approach.