Recycled Polyester Accelerating use in our collections

Polyester is made from petroleum derived from crude oil, a finite non-renewable resource, and accounts for 19% of the material we use. Since the 1990s, demand for polyester has grown at a steady rate. Because polyester is an important material in our collections, we will increase our use of certified recycled sources over time and reduce the impact of extraction and processing of non-renewable resources.


Our 2017 performance

Innovating products to use recycled polyester

In 2016, we recognised the need to increase our use of certified recycled polyester. In 2017, we developed new products with polyester certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or the Recycled Content Standard (RCS). Over 100,000 pieces were launched in stores in early 2018, in both outerwear and Ladies’ blouses. Most of the recycled polyester in our products is made from recycled PET bottles from multiple sources.

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Where next?

Increasing uptake of recycled polyester

We will continue to find ways of using more certified recycled polyester in our products, increasing demand for this more sustainable resource.