Making Sustainable Fashion the New Normal Global Sustainability Report 2019

At C&A, we believe everyone should be able to look and feel good every day, while supporting a good quality of life for those who make our clothes and a healthy planet. We want our customers to trust us to do the right thing, so they can buy our products without having to choose between what’s sustainable and what’s not.

Inspiring World

63% of C&A employees worldwide participated in our Inspiring World campaign #BeTheChange, demonstrating their pride in our company, values, and efforts to make the world a better place

Transparency in focus

We have publicly disclosed our tier-1, tier-2, and many of our tier-3 suppliers’ factories worldwide

Ambitious science-based targets

C&A has developed ambitious science-based targets to help address climate change. We will reduce our footprint by 30% across our value chain by 2030 and work towards 100% carbon-neutral stores

Driving more sustainable cotton

94% of the cotton we source is certified organic, organic cotton in transition, Better Cotton, or recycled

Crafting a new strategy

We are reaching the conclusion of our 2020 sustainability strategy. C&A will launch a new sustainability strategy in 2021

Towards a new normal

We are working towards a vision of the new normal – where sustainability is no longer the exception, but the norm. Focusing on our customers, we created Wear The Change to enable them to make more sustainable choices to reduce impacts on people and the environment and to support thriving communities.

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Sustainable Products


Sourcing and producing our clothing in a way that respects people, the environment, and animals. Pioneering circular fashion by designing clothing with its next use in mind.


Sustainable Supply


Making a positive impact on our sourcing communities by ensuring that the people who make our clothes are safe and treated fairly. Supporting a clean environment wherever we operate.


Sustainable Lives


Empowering our customers, supporting the livelihoods of the workers in our supply chain, and engaging our employees as sustainability ambassadors.


Applying our influence for positive change

C&A is one of the most enduring and pioneering retailers in global apparel. We provide quality and affordable clothing to millions of visitors every day, both in our retail locations and through our online channels. With approximately 51,000 employees worldwide and more than 1 million apparel workers in our supply chain, we recognise our influence and our responsibility to use it for positive change throughout the industry.

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