Listening to our employees Engaging them in how we’re doing

Regional employee engagement surveys are an opportunity for our colleagues to share their thoughts on C&A's values, our strategy, our approach to sustainability, and how we’re doing as an employer. In 2019, we surveyed employees in China, where 88% of surveyed employees strongly agreed with the statement that they are proud of C&A’s contributions to communities, society, and the environment. Because surveys were not conducted in the other retail markets in 2019, we are re-evaluating their use as currently designed, and exploring other ways to continue engaging and getting feedback from employees.

Number of employees working at C&A

Our 2019 performance

Employees are proud of our sustainability work
A majority (63%) of employees participated in our second annual Inspiring World campaign, demonstrating their concern for sustainability at work and at home. During the 2019 employee surveys, 88% of employees surveyed in China strongly agreed with the statement, ‘I feel proud of C&A’s contribution to communities, society, and the environment’.



Where next?

Moving from pride to action
We’re pleased with our previous years' employee engagement scores on sustainability, which show have been connecting with our colleagues in those retail markets on this topic. But from 2018 onwards we began building on this employee pride by providing training so they can serve as ambassadors for sustainability, and contribute to progress on our 2020 goals. The Inspiring World campaign is central to this approach, as are internal communications and training focused on Wear The Change, Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products, and in-store take-back programmes. In 2020, we will continue engaging with employees through Wear The Change and Inspiring World, as well as retail market-specific sustainability communications.